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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  July 11, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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good morning, i'm amy hollyfield live in pittsburg where police or the trail again, investigating a third shooting in two months. also in the headlines, a police shooting in oakland leads to a massive search for a suspect overnight. >> within an hour, u.s. navy drivers could be looking for a capsized fishing boat and any sign of seven missing northern california men still missing. >> check out a beautiful sunrise
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this morning. you have to be on top of mount tamalpais to see it. look at all those low clouds, drizzle and cooler weather once again and we're to the over until we reach the bottom around wednesday or thursday. talk about a warming trend for the weekend. >> i'm sue hall. monday commute looking pretty good. we do have an issue in san jose and an accident. we'll tell you about that in few minutes. >> i'm kristen sze. pittsburg and east bay park police are hoping to find a trail of a gunman that opened fire on a trail. a person was shot the de anza recreation trail. it's a third shooting there in two months? >> police have got a problem on their hands. they have been here all night protecting the scene. investigators will get here later this morning to start looking for clues. residents say they are nervous about the violence. one question for police to answer is this shooting
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connected to the one had a happened last week? they happened less than a mile apart. this happened around midnight. victim was alive when he was taken to the hospital. they haven't received an update on his condition. they don't know whether this was a random attack but it does appear they have a trend. this is the third shooting on this trail since may and it's changing how residents use this trail. >> my grandchildren, i eont the them walk the dog on the trail because of all the trouble they've had out there. just like last week, there was a shooting on the trail and previously i think in may there were several shootings. i've lived here my whole life and never any trouble like this. >> reporter: the city victim was killed and police say he had an
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extensive criminal record. they don't on think that shooting was a random attack. back in may the victim survived, he told the group he encountered flashed gang signs before they shot him. there is a possibility they have gang issues here on this trail. we don't mow much about the third shooting. investigators will get out here later this morning to start looking for clues. when the victim was taken to the hospital he was alive. east bay park police are investigating. oakland police arrested one person and are looking for another suspect after an early morning shooting involving their own officers. it happened in the parking lot of the lucky supermarket on macarthur boulevard. one officer fired at the two suspects but there is no evidence that either was hit. investigators aren't saying why the officer fired and whether thes had any weapons. two blocks remain closed around
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macarthur. we placed several calls to the oakland police department and will bring more details as we get them. >> a shootout in richmond that left three people dead is likely the result of a drug deal gone wrong. it happened saturday inside a two bedroom unit at an iron triangle housing complex. michael anderson was murdered and also was killed corey walker, jr. and dante deloney of oakland. they believe everyone is dead or in custody. investigators in santa rosa are trying to figure out what killed a 14-year-old gill. she was found dead on her bedroom floor yesterday morning. the teen was having a sleepover with three other girls, all four drank something that they mixed with soda. all three surviving girls say it made them violently ill. detectives are waiting for the
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results of toxicology tests. jaycee dugard the woman that that was held captive for 18 years, talked for the first time how she survived in the back of a home in antioch. she spoke to diane sawyer. people from antioch watched the show with mixed emotions. they are amazed to see her strength show through and the recovery she is making from the ordeal. don't know if i would before been able to withstand half of what she has gone through. it seems like she is so put together and so strong. >> i was surprised she has lasted as long as she has. she is very brave. >> they pleaded guilty to sex charges last month. philip garrido is serving 431 years to life.
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memoir called a stolen life goes on sale tomorrow and has already hit number one on amazon's best-seller list. we'll have more on "good morning america" right here on abc7 right after our newscast. get much more on the exclusive interview by logging on to our website at within hours, u.s. divers could start searching for seven missing northern california men in the gulf of california. fishing boat capsized on the holiday weekend. a diving team from hawaii is due to explore the wreckage of the erik that lies 237 feet below the surface. they are looking for any of the missing men that may have gotten trapped. a c-130 crew will fly over the sea of cortez looking for the
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men. court arrangement is set for the man charged with stealing a picasso drawing from a san francisco art gallery. he is charged with grand theft and burglary and remains on custody on $5 million bail. he is accused of walking into the gallery last tuesday and sweimg a picasso pencil drawing worth about $275,000 before leaving in a cab. they identified him through surveillance video from a restaurant next door and from tragedy go down the cab driver who provided investigators with information. take a look outside, pretty gray, a little damp, misty and mike is also talking about airport delays. >> it is cool this morning. you might want wear pants instead of shorts. it is one of those days where it's going to be in the 50s and 70s and 80s in the afternoon hours. here is a look at the flow.
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we have high pressure down to the south with clockwise flow. 80 is onshore flow and low pressure to the north with counterclockwise flow that is bringing the cold air-conditioned air into our neighborhoods. 62 in antioch and the rest of us in the 50s. by the afternoon hours, temperatures are about 5-10 degrees cooler than what they should be for this time of the year. upper 50s to low 60s along the coast in downtown san francisco. mid to upper 50s, richmond, oakland, vallejo and low to mid-70s in fremont down into the south bay. low to upper 70s in the north bay valleys and upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valleys. around the monterey bay, 62 in monterey. as you head inland, upper 70s to near 80s degrees near gilroy. expect to repeat the next three to four mornings. clouds in the morning, drizzle, flight arrival delays, after temperatures, 10-15 degrees
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below average and then a slow warming trend and more sunshine into the weekend. good morning. your commute getting underway we have a stall in san jose southbound 101 at ellis. it's blocking the right lane of the off-ramp at ellis. slow traffic off the altamont pass from 205 towards airway boulevard, speeds are slowing to 8 miles an hour. "h" train number one, couple delays, richmond parkway is closed. we've got construction there for the next little while and girrard and mcdonald, train number one, five minute delays. just ahead, saying no to dough. former 49er legend that is getting snubbed as he looks to cash in. >> and marking a milestone, why the project to build a new bridge in the bay area has
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people celebrateding in china this morning. and searching for a solution, how the all electing nissan leaf could be a lot more than just your
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good morning, it's 6:13 on a monday morning, wake up time to go to work. it's a great picture to wake up to. a foggy, drizzly and damp out
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there. breezy as well but we are going to warm up later this week. nissan is looking at a new way to recharge its leaf cars. they are testing a system that would use solar power to recharge vehicles. one day the batteries could be used to store electricity that could be used to power other devices. electricity storage is hot topic. researchers say the technology could be in use in a few years. celebrations are held on the docks in shanghai today to mark the completion of new span of the bay bridge. the sections were constructed by a company there. they were loaded on the trip to san francisco. representative from the american contractor and metropolitan
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official took part in the celebration. $6.3 billion is the biggest project in california so far. so you know how we got the heat wave in the east coast. cool nights so everybody is comfortable. >> i would see where people are getting all the heat we had last week. we're getting in cooler weather. usually around school starts in august but maybe once or twice. you're right. it won't feel like summer as far as the warm weather even though it looks like it when you look down from mount tamalpais this morning. you can't see anything except for clouds. sometimes we can see diablo and sometimes we can see the east bay hills. gives you an idea how thick it is. so far no flight arrival delays but we're anticipating some because of the thick clouds cover.
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latest temperatures everybody in the 50s with the 52 in the north bay valleys into san francisco being the cool spot. mountain view and antioch still the warmest at pat. monterey bay and inland, low to mid-50s. watsonville at 57 those breezes coming off the ocean will keep us cool again today. they are also slow to reveal the sunshine which will aid the cooling, that will be the pattern through at least wednesday which is going to be our coolest afternoon. these thicker clouds will drop drizzle at night but once we get to the weekend we'll lose the marine influence and warmer weather, may not be back to average but it will be warmer than today. fremont, oakland, san francisco, pretty much the same day as you had yesterday. santa rosa, concord and san jose 2-3 degrees cooler as the cool breeze continues to march inland.
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14 hours and 37 minutes of sunshine before the sun sets. >> here i can see the increase in the clouds, especially to the south by bay and east bay valleys. by noon they are out of those areas but still hanging around north bay valleys all the way down to dumbarton bridge and back to the coast, it's mainly going to stay. 80s inland. let's start down in the south bay, low to mid-70s. 77 in los gatos. about 75 in san jose. 68 in millbrae and low to mid-70s on the peninsula. low to mid-50s and sausalito 57. beaches in the upper 50s. valleys in mid-70s. upper 70s to low 80s in the east bay valleys. same thing morgan hill gilroy and hollister with low to mid-50s for most of the monterey bay. cloud cover, drizzle once again
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and comfortable temperatures in the 50s, even a few 40s up around cloverdale and santa rosa. there you go, wednesday will be even cooler by 12-6 degrees and then by the weekend, a 10-degree jump away from the coast. a lot more sunshine then. good morning. we've got a new accident to report to you. san bruno, skyline boulevard and apparently there are lane blockages, a serious accident around san bruno. "h" train, about five minutes, central that is train number one. train number three is on time. then we check with other mass transit, muni, bart, forevers are running on schedule. >> ferries are running on schedule. >> here the golden gate bridge and there is the moisture and fog and drizzle that mike has been talking about. you might even need your windshield wipers there.
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bay bridge toll plaza is moving well, no metering lights are on yet. go to and one-stop shop, click on bay area traffic. santa clara city managers recommending the city deny a request by joe montana to get a first shot at developing city owned property next to the stadium. they want 18 months of exclusive first rights to negotiate a lease with the city. they want to build a hotel and sports bar and retail project. but there are reports city manager sent a memo to the council on friday that recommends giving everybody a chance to bid on the 7-acre site. it was 12 years ago that the u.s. woman's soccer team defeated china. now it appears the u.s. women have done it again.
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team u.s.a. faced off against a tough brazilian team. in extra time they battled to a 2-2 tie and when a penalty kick decided it. americans win 5-3 and the victory. u.s. women preparing to face france in the semifinals. >> coming up, a few unfriendly facebook posts. what is showing up that you definitely wanted to avoid. has the average guy on the street ever lifted a gravy
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visit today. in today's tech bites a warning, new scams on the social network. one is disguised as a video of casey anthony confessing to her attorney. users are being asked to not click on the links. >> spotofy boasts instant access to tracks. it's free with ads or pay monthly fee to skip the plugs. >> cosmopolitan magazine, next month will start selling cosmo for guys. it advises every men on sexual preferences and the magazine has long following among men. those are the tech bites the.
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it appears beachgoers have less beach to go at lake tahoe this summer. they say the lake levels are five feet higher than usual. the water is up because of the snow. more than 61 feet fell this season. lake level could continue to rise until late july. >> it's now 6:25, new tactic that is about to be used for seven california men missing after their boat capsized in the gulf of california. vote coming in one east bay city that could make it harder for kids to cut class. >> and overnight fire severely damages part of an elementary school overnight. we'll go inside and look at the damage done and why this fire is suspicious. police are on the de anza trail once again investigating the third shooting in two months. i'm amy hollyfield, i'll have a
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live report from pittsburg up next. >> and if you are flying into chicago, heads up, both o'hare and midway, flight arrival delays, check out flight tracker at
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>> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. [ bell ringing ]
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>> monday, stock futures are down sharply ahead of the start of earning season, and fears about the global economy. fears of a debt default have spread to italy and spain. now trading is under way and we'll see how investors are reacting. >> good morning. i'm kristen sze. >> kidnapping survivor jaycee dugard showed her courage after recounting the 18 years she was kidnapped from south lake tahoe. last night, dugard told her survival story to diane sawyer saying garrido constant sexual abuse wasn't the worst of it. >> but, once you get used to that, it would be the unknown that was more terrifying than doing something, at least i knew what was going to happen.
6:31 am
>> all night long you would think what he was going to do to you. >> i'll be good knowing it was terrifying. >> despite more than 60 visits by parole and probation agents over the years, her rescue only came after philip garrido brought the two daughters to the u.c. berkeley campus where a campus police officer were one of two people that uncovered her real identity. that officer wants was on the show with john alston. >> still alive. there is still hope. >> one of people who fulfilled that hope and saved jaycee dugard is u.c. berkeley police officer who watched the interview from her east bay home. >> a little bit of nausea
6:32 am
hearing what really happened to her and in her words. but also just overwhelming pride at how strong she is. >> the impossible happened. two campus cops did what a federal bureaucracy filed to do. >> they noticed something wasn't right when philip garrido showed up along with the two girls he fathered with dugard. they provided the tip that ended dugard's nightmare. >> i'm not really sure. why we were the chosen ones. all i know is that we both knew something wasn't right and we did something about. >> the officer has made overtures and meet the woman she saved. >> i would probably give her a big hug and just say that i'm sorry that it took so long.
6:33 am
i'm glad that her and her kids are okay. >> i can't imagine being beaten to death but you can't imagine being kidnapped and raped. you just do what you have to do to survive. >> she is amazing. yes, she has been behind the scenes for so long healing. there has been speculation as to how she is doing. we only heard bits and pieces of her. but to get a glimpse of her personality. >> the officer has gotten a phone call from jaycee dugard's mother that not a day goes by that the family thanks them for what they did. >> the memoir tight alleged stolen life doesn't go on sale tomorrow but has already hit number one on the best-seller
6:34 am
list. there will be recap of the interview on "good morning america" and you can get much more on the exclusive interview with jaycee by logging on to our website at >> philip and nancy garrido's neighbors watched it with mixed emotions. they are horrified what went on for so long but they were amazed at dugard's strength and the recovery she is making from the ordeal. >> she gives hope to anyone and everyone because she has given strength to people that may have been in a similar situation and able to come through it and strive to michael it better. >> she is very, very brave. i just think it's a bad thing that somebody could really do something like that to a cute little girl like that. >> they pleaded guilty to
6:35 am
kidnapping and sex charges last month. he was sentenced to life in prison and nancy is serving 36 years to life at chowchilla stated women's prison. >> for the second time in less than a week someone has been shot on a popular walking and hiking trail in pittsburg. amy hollyfield has the latest. it's just a few blocks from last month's shooting. >> it certainly is problem. take a look at the trail. it's surrounded by homes. it runs right through a neighborhood. a woman who has lived there her whole life he is no longer allows her children to grandchildren to walk on the trail. this happened on alvarado. the victim was alive when he was taken to the hospital. officers have not received an update from the hospital on his condition. these officers are here to preserve the scene for the
6:36 am
investigators will be out here later for evidence. they haven't made any arrests. officials can't say whether this was a random attack or if this is related to gang activity but they clearly have a problem on this trail. >> scary, sad because i don't know who is doing it. i don't know if it's retaliation for other things that have gone on there. it's scary. >> reporter: last week's shooting looks like it was gang-related. the man that died had an extensive criminal history and they do not think the shooting was random. back in may the man who was shot in that attack survived. he told police he met up with a group of men and flashed gang signs before he was shot. the three shootings happened all since may.
6:37 am
now east bay regional park police are investigating all this violence. investigators are trying to determine if an overnight fire that damaged a classroom at a daly city school is arson. fire crews were called to skyline elementary school just before midnight where they found a portable classroom on fire. they believe the fire started to started outside the classroom and spread to the interior. they were able to keep the flames from spreading but one portable classroom that burned suffered extensive damage. >> demonstrators are planning to protest the death of a man killed by bart police eight days ago. the group says it is calling for bart to fire both officers involved in the shooting of charles hill. they wanted the bart police department to be completely shut down. bart police say that he was aggressive, brandishing a knifepoint and broken alcohol bottle before an officer shot
6:38 am
him but one witness disputes that claim. the group organizing the demonstration also took part in several protests stemming from the 2009 fatal bart shooting of oscar grant. >> cutting classes could be expensive for students and parents if they pass a day time curfew tomorrow. contra costa times reports that the curfew would apply to students only during regular school hours. if they are not in class and caught in a public place, they could be fined as much as $500 and parents could also be fined if they know their children skipped school. some extensions such as traveling to work or dealing with an emergency. >> public university students in california are expected to face another tuition hike. board of trustees for the california state university city will vote on 12% hike for the semester. students would be paying $1200
6:39 am
more than they did just two years ago. u.c. students faced a 9.6 hike if they approve increase on thursday. cutting your air-conditioning bills this week mike is here to talk about cooling temperatures. nice to open the windows and get some fresh air into the house. that is absolutely going to continue. you can see the area of low pressure diving down that is influencing the winds to come off the cold ocean waters. it actually deepens in the first part of this week. winds out of sfo at 12 miles an hour. they just started reporting flight delays. the breeze is pushing into most valleys.
6:40 am
it's keeping temperatures up in most neighborhoods even though we do have drizzle around our higher elevations and at the coast this morning. 50s for 8:00, i don't see much in the way of a temperature change because the clouds are just too stubborn. by noon they are out of the valleys. that is why you're seeing 50s and low 60s there and mid-60s in the east bay and south bay. as we head towards 4:00, clouds are back to the coast. mid-50s to near 60 degrees near san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s around mid to upper 70s inland. temperatures will run cooler than average through at least friday. we'll get closer on with the warming trend over the weekend. we've got construction beginning on the richmond parkway we want to remained folks between girrard and mcdonald. so you will find various slowdowns all week long. no more delays on public transit
6:41 am
we've got slow traffic out of antioch, westbound highway 4, this is fairly typical between hillcrest to leverage. let's check southbound 680 commute. walnut creek, looks like it was moving pretty well. lucas valley road, southbound 101 is moving well. no delays reported there. as you drive into san francisco and golden gate bridge. check in the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on and slowing back to the west grand overcrossing. >> stocks taking a pounding right now. fears about greece and heavy word and new word that cisco may be cutting thousands of jobs. dow is down 121 points. jane king will have more on that coming up in today's market
6:42 am
report. >> why one of the biggest convenience store chains is offering everyone a free cringe and what you need to do to get in on the action. >> and trash troubles could be x
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here is a look at 7 hd. pretty quiet.
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it will be across the entire state. a lot of clouds along the coast. big sur eventually sunshine, same thing in l.a. 77. san diego will take longer and 59. cooling we're feeling will head into the central valley with sunshine in sacramento and 97 in fresno. palm springs, 108. tahoe, 75 and yosemite 86. thank you so much mike. japanese government announced it has adopted a new set of nuclear set of safety stress tests. the standards will be used to evaluate conditions at all 54 nuclear plants which normally generate about a third of japan's electricity. 35 plants were shut down as a precaution when the fukushima daiichi plant suffered damage in the tsunami and melted down. the new standards are similar to those used by the european union. just over an hour from now, president obama will be holding
6:47 am
a news news conference to talk about the status of federal deficit negotiations. he met with leaders at the white house last night. they agreed to meet again today and every day until something is worked out. some democrats say social security and medicare cuts should be off the table while republicans remain opposed to any revenue increase. >> we're not going to raise taxes in this horrible economic situation. >> democrats are the president is go any cuts in benefits to social security or medicare. >> the obama is warning of catastrophic damage to the u.s. and global economy if the government cannot pay its bills. we will carry his news conference live. >> bay area based cisco may be ready to cut thousands of jobs. jane king joins us and what is dragging down wall street this
6:48 am
morning. this morning, most of it is not good. huge job cuts may be coming at cisco systems soon. 5,000 cuts coming down the pipeline starting in august. this is all according to analyst and a report they issued out today. no response from cisco but if true, big job cuts, currently has 70,000 employees. >> big banks, wells fargo and bank of america, what hurting them, like a grease fire, the debt did he all the time going beyond greece, italy and spain. so we're sealing seeing sell-off but the dow and nasdaq is all down, dow is down 125 points. bloomberg is also lower. baby stores with hot big thing
6:49 am
hoping to lure back shoppers. bloomberg use is cash area where shoppers stand in line to czech out. it's honed by gap and has added astronaut ice cream. they hope impulse buys will help out the bottom line. it may be summertime but those hitting with a 10% tax aren't the only ones hurting. one in seven tanning salons has closed since 2009 and 18,000 jobs have been lost. so they are pushing congress to eliminate that tax that was authorized by the health care overhaul law. thanks a lot. astronauts aboard the orbiting shuttle station are working this morning are unloading the supplies they have delivered. space shuttle atlantis has a
6:50 am
21-foot canister in the payload pay bay. they will use the robot arm and attach it to the station. nasa expects to have a better idea today whether the shuttle and space station will need to dodge a piece of space junk that may get close to them tomorrow. we'll be watching that. what else is going on today. we have a little drizzle and windshield wiper action. >> and tomorrow and next day. we have a cooling trend coming our way so expect flight arrival delays just about every morning this week. also good monday morning, here is a look at sfo. you can see just how low the visibility and the reason we have 54 minute flight arrival delays. let's talk about those temperatures, everybody very comfortable in the 50s compared to this time last week when it
6:51 am
was so hot in the morning. low to mid 50s monterey bay and inland. you also have clouds and drizzle to contend with this morning. highlights for this forecast cycle, breezy, slow reveal of sunshine today which keeps the cooling trend that started the cooling trend going. thicker clouds and more drizzle tonight. coolest morning will be probably wednesday and then we'll start to see a gradual warming trend but we may not even make it back to average in some areas, especially inland neighborhoods. for today, look how much cooler we are than average. oakland and san francisco, 6 degrees cooler. san jose 8, livermore and redwood city 9 and biggest drop, napa is supposed to be at 83. 72 we'll get by the time the sun sets at 8:33. east bay valleys, warmest weather, upper 70s to low 80s. 80 in danville and pittsburg. over on the east bay shore, mid
6:52 am
to upper 60s. castro valley, union city and fremont, low 70s for you. low top ease in milpitas to 75 in san jose to 77 in los gatos. we'll have 73 in sunnyvale. 68 in millbrae and low to mid-70s for the peninsula with palo alto at 74. upper 50s, breezy and raw day with clouds and drizzle at the coast. low to mid 60s in downtown san francisco. i would say mid to upper 70s in the north bay valleys. same thing for gilroy and hollister and low to upper 60s around the monterey bay. tonight cloud cover once again, drizzle in the higher elevations and mainly 50-degree temperatures. check out the lows, low pressure moving down along with the jetstream bringing us more cooling and more morning drizzle this week. in fact the clouds won't start to dissipate until friday, saturday and sunday where we'll see the warming trend. temperatures about 6 degrees
6:53 am
cooler on wednesday and ten degrees cooler by the weekend. >> we have a situation if you are traveling out of antioch, westbound highway 4, first reports of an accident. it's typically slow in this direction, westbound between leverage and hillcrest, blocking two left lanes, very slow this morning, unusually slow over the altamont pass. we normally have slow traffic but bumper-to-bumper from 205 into dublin interchange. speeds are down to 5 miles an hour. walnut creek, 680, bunching up a little bit when you head towards the junction past north main. san mateo bridge we've got traffic moving smoothly in both directions between information terrify city and hayward. bay bridge toll plaza, no reports of any delays there. metering lights are on but
6:54 am
traffic seems to be flowing on the upper deck into san francisco. is where to go for all your information. click on bay area traffic. thanks a lot. as you know today is july 11th, 7-eleven stores are giving away free slurpees and it's their birthday so to celebrate they will offer 7.11 ounce slurpees. they will be available for as long as supplies last. police in pittsburg are investigating a shooting the second in less than a week. >> look how pretty this trail is. especially on this lovely summer morning, with the sunup, surrounded by homes. it goes right through a neighborhood, lifelonglong
6:55 am
residents say it's scaring them. one woman says she won't allow her kids to walk the dog on this trail. it appears two of the three shootings are gang-related. they said what has happened in the latest one. the man was alive when he was taken to the hospital. this one, the third one happened less than a mile where a man was shot and killed last week. they don't think that one was a random attack. the man who was killed as an extensive criminal history. police say that was not random. back in may a victim who was shot, he survived and he told police the group of men they met they flashed gang signs. three shootings in less than two months, east bay regional park police are now investigating all this violence on this trail. live in pittsburg, amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news." let's check other top story, fire investigators have cleared
6:56 am
the scene from the suspicious school fire in daly city. a portable classroom was destroyed. the fire appeared to have started out 10:00 last night. fire crews were able to contain the damage to one classroom. one final check on weather and traffic. >> 53 minute delays into sfo. expect that to be the case all throughout this week as the morning clouds are going to be thick and going to drop some drizzle. mid to upper 50s along the coast. 52 in san francisco. richmond and vallejo and oakland you want 70-degree weather where we'll see low 80s. seven-day forecast, coolest afternoons will be wednesday, warmest afternoons this weekend. >> we've got slow traffic continuing out of antioch, westbound highway 4 due to an accident at bailey. two left lanes are blocked there and that will be congesting your commute toward the concord area,
6:57 am
slow traffic off the altamont pass, even more so this morning as you head towards livermore and on in to the dublin interchange. traffic slowing below 5 miles an hour. so it's not an easy commute out of central valley this morning. >> its tough monday. >> we'll be back with a local update at 7:24. join us for the midday news at 11:00. stay connected at have a
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